Home Remedy for Sore Gums

Our mouth is likely the most active part of our entire body next to the heart and lungs, so when mouth pain interferes, many people being researching for a home remedy for sore gums.  Painful gums can make it difficult to eat, drink and even to speak. 

What are the gums? 

The gums have the important task of holding the teeth secure in their designated places.  This area is actually made up of three distinctly different elements; the periodontal ligament consists of connective tissue fibers that anchor the teeth to both the upper and lower jaws.  The alveolar sockets are small pockets within the bone plates; it is here in these pockets that the teeth will erupt.  The pink, soft flesh that is visible and that is commonly known as the gums carries the scientific name of gingival; draping over the jaw bones and enveloping the bottoms of the teeth.  It is this area that is the cause of many complaints of sore gums.

The health of the gums.

Proper maintenance is just as important to the gums as it is to the teeth themselves.  The foods we eat and the beverages that we drink leave a layer of matter on and between the teeth as well as on the gums.  Bacteria is always found in varying numbers on and within the body, including the mouth.  When the bacteria and the matter from food or drink combine; becoming plaque, a sticky substance that over time calcifies or hardens on the teeth.  This buildup can lead to gingivitis, the earliest stages of gum disease; if not treated, the gums could become even more severely affected through advanced gum disease.


Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums that is directly caused by the bacteria within plaque.  There may not be any pain experienced initially, but evidence of the start of the inflammation will be visible through swollen and reddened gums that are accompanied by light bleeding after brushing the teeth. At this stage, there are possible home remedies for sore gums that are caused by gingivitis, especially if the individual becomes more attentive in their dental hygiene regime.  Regular cleaning is the best defense against tartar buildup that will result in the discomfort, and will likely ease this symptom.  Warm salt water rinses are excellent to soothe irritated gums; 1 teaspoon of table salt dissolved in a glass of warm water and then swished around in the mouth serves to calm the inflammation and can help draw out any abscess. 


When gingivitis is either undetected or ignored, it may possibly progress to the next stage which is called periodontitis.  As the bacteria collects and remains around the teeth, waste products that contain toxins are emitted.  These toxins erode the bone as well as the gums, leaving an empty pocket in the midst that becomes filled with more bacteria.  Left untreated, the pocket gets deeper and deeper; making the area more prone to advanced infection as the bone continues to erode.  If your mouth has reached this point, it is imperative to see a dental professional.  The extent of damage will need to be evaluated in order to begin treatment of the gums and teeth.


Prevention is always the best course of action in maintaining a healthy mouth.  Sometimes, however, even the most attentive hygiene can result in minor issues, and home remedies for sore gums that include warm salt water rinses, analgesics and better teeth cleaning can be of help.  For more severe issues that do not respond to these treatments, it is necessary to see your dentist in order to restore the health of your mouth.