Tips on Reversing Gum Disease

Reversing gum disease is not as difficult as it sounds. The process will involve a combination of traditional dental care, natural remedies, plenty of medical advice and sometimes even surgery. The reversal of gum disease can already be seen after just a couple of weeks.

Causes of gum disease

To understand the best way of reversing gum disease, the causes which led to it in the first place must be understood. The first cause is dental hygiene, or a lack thereof. When we eat, tiny food particles often become lodged between the teeth and sometimes in the tiny gaps between the teeth and gums. If not regularly cleaned by the simple process of tooth brushing, these food particles can harbor bacteria which begin to grow and may cause infections in the gums.

The easiest way to maintain the hygiene level in the mouth and gums is to brush teeth regularly, 2-3 times a day, usually after meals. This simple act will dislodge the food particles and then the act of rinsing will remove them. Of course, not every situation allows this hygiene process and if in public, most people don't carry toothbrushes around. For these situations, gum is usually the alternative most people use. Plaque can also build up on the teeth and even gums.

Another factor that contributes to necessary reversing gum disease is smoking. Many people who smoke end up staining their teeth yellow with nicotine and the smoke can even damage the gums and lead to mouth cancer. This is not something that can easily be reversed or even halted and of course the best solution is to quit smoking altogether.

Natural remedies

Reversing gum disease does not have to be a painful process that involves hospitals and surgery. It can be simply kept in check by a stricter routine of dental hygiene, as well as some tried and tested ancient remedies. For instance, it has been known for millennia that salt has very good properties when it comes to cleaning teeth. In fact, before toothpaste and toothbrushes were a mainstay of modern society, people exclusively kept their teeth clean by simply rinsing their mouth out with salty water several times a day. It is an oft-touted myth that in the middle ages people had horrible dental hygiene. Archeological records show that often their teeth were almost perfect and this comes from the salty water they were rinsing their mouths out with.

It is also believed that food with high vitamin C content (such as green peppers, lemons, oranges) can help contribute to overall bodily health if ingested regularly and copiously, as well as contributing to the reversing of gum disease. Plenty of vitamin C in the body can help to fight all manner of bacteria. Another common mineral that will strengthen both teeth and bones is calcium, commonly available in milk and dairy products. Many minerals and vitamins will help fight diseases.

Surgical intervention

Of course, sometimes reversing gum disease that is so advanced is so difficult, that it becomes necessary for surgical intervention to take place. Many people need to have operations on their mouth, removing bacterial infestations or even whole teeth that have died and may infect other parts of the mouth. This is expensive and painful surgery that is best avoided altogether by maintaining a strict regimen of dental hygiene - both conventional and natural, throughout one's lifetime.