Common Reasons for Puffy Gums

Chances are if you have puffy gums you are also experiencing some degree of discomfort or even pain.  Typically, swelling of this type also includes redness and perhaps infection that together makes it difficult to eat, drink, talk, or even brush the teeth.  Instead of simply living with gums that are swollen and all the problems associated, it is important to understand the underlying cause so the right course of action can be taken for resolution.

In many cases, finding out the underlying cause of swollen gums is best, stopping potential pain, infection, and even long-term gum problems.  One of the most common reasons for this problem is the buildup of plaque.  This usually occurs from not flossing several times a day with good brushing.  If plaque is allowed to build, it can lead to serious bacteria in the mouth, bad breath, tooth loss, and puffy gums.  If an infection were to develop and not brought under control, it could get into the bloodstream, which then spreads to cause fever, as well as serious risk of heart attack and even stroke.

Keep in mind that medical experts suggest that as much as 35% of the population experiences puffy gums at some time in life.  However, some people can live with this problem for months and have no clue until they begin to feel discomfort or pain.  In addition to plaque buildup being a common problem, swelling can also be due to certain drugs.  For instance, aspirin and even some types of prescription medication can cause a problem.  Then, if an individual has a vitamin C deficiency, this would be a symptom as well.

For anyone that has this problem because of sensitivity, it would be important to use a soft bristle toothbrush and perhaps toothpaste formulated for a sensitive mouth.  Even when flossing, it would be important to use a thin, satin product.  With this, the floss would glide smoothly but the process should be done slowly and carefully to avoid causing even more serious problems of puffy gums.  Remember, poor oral hygiene is the primary reason for swollen gums but not the only reason.

Some of the other common reasons a person might experience swelling of the gums has to do with pregnancy, poor fitting dentures, and even malnutrition.  Once the pregnancy ends, a person gets dentures that fit properly, and the body is nourished, the issue usually resolves on its own.  Of course, if at any time a problem with puffy gums does not go away or the problem becomes worse, then it would be imperative to see a doctor or dentist.

To remedy the problem, people can use a variety of natural products or if necessary, get medication from a doctor/dentist.  While common, living with painful gums that are swollen is not something a person needs to do.  The key is to start with good oral hygiene and if the problem persists, seek medical attention.  People should never ignore this problem, choosing instead to find the underlying cause and then get the help needed.