The Great Gum Lift is All About Shape

Getting a gum lift is now the trend just like getting a face lift, and patients are opting for it everywhere.  A gum lift can also be referred to as gum reshaping, and many times this procedure is coupled with getting veneers.  A gum lift is considered a cosmetic procedure and therefore may not be covered by your dental policy.   This procedure has become popular over the last three to five years for cosmetic purposes whereas in the past it was recommended occasionally for better dental health in treating gum disease.

The procedure for getting a gum lift means that the surgeon will be reshaping the gum tissue and possibly the bones.  This may create the appearance of longer, symmetrical teeth for the patient.  The patient is usually concerned about the appearance of sagging gums, and they want a smile that appears more pleasing to the public eye.  However, getting a gum lift will not only provide aesthetic benefits, it is still used today to treat gum disease.  

The procedure itself may be uncomfortable for some patients.  While the surgery is mostly laser to treat the tissue and reshape it, any part of the procedure pertaining to the bone requires greater measures.  A scalpel or drill is used to work on the bone, and recovery could range anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on how invasive it was for that specific patient.  Those who have gums that have never receded are good candidates for this procedure if they are willing to have it done. 

Evening up the gum line for a patient makes everything look uniform and eliminates the amount of pink that you see when someone smiles.  When the dentist fails to coordinate the level of tissue that you see above each tooth, it can make things look very uneven and will leave the patient with a high level dissatisfaction.  

Patients who may have had a gum lift in the past know how far we have come with technology.  When gum lifts were done in the past the procedure called for heavy anesthesia and many stitches.  With the progress in dental technology and technique, patients can have a painless or near painless gum lift.  Laser is the preferred method unless the dentist has to use a scalpel or drill to work on the bone.  When reshaping the bone portion of the tooth, a drill or scalpel will be necessary for extraction, but laser is the only thing dentists now use on the tissue.  This saves patients a lot of recovery time, especially if their procedure is minimal. Naturally, with laser treatment being less invasive patients will no longer have to abide by a soft food or liquid diet.  Now patients can go ahead and resume life as normal with the new trend in gum lift procedures. 

A gum lift can backfire on a patient in a handful of situations, but before having a gum lift done these points are important to consider.  The most important one that a patient can consider is that the gums will not move back naturally when a new tooth grows.  This can be a problem for those who anticipate losing any other teeth.  In addition, this procedure may not work out so well if the patient is wearing braces.  There can be a lot of irritation when the patient is wearing braces, so be sure to talk to your dentist first before having this done.  

If the patient has an unusually high lip, then the gum may still be highly visible to others.  Tooth decay that wasn’t detected ahead of time could also present some problems for the patient so it’s important to get a thorough exam prior to having a gum lift done.  In addition, severe wear and tear on the teeth may also negate the procedure, so getting a regular cleaning and check up will help you determine if you really should consider getting a gum lift.